No commissions, No kick-backs, No brokerage, just good advice for a simple flat fee

Why use us?


Mission Statement (What we do)

…helping people remove obstacles to their financial goals…


Value Statement (How we do it)

Australian Financial Practitioners is a privately operated* boutique practice focusing on strategic financial planning and advice for individuals, couples, professionals and business owners in Australia.

Australian Financial Practitioners do not accept commissions, brokerages or kick-backs from anyone for anything.  We provide professional financial planning and advice for a ‘low cost’ simple flat fee.

The single driver for Australian Financial Practitioners is to place the client’s interest first in everything done by the practice.

Australian Financial Practitioners philosophy is that in helping people, they will help us to remain in practice.


Head of Financial Advice (Our leader)

Australian Financial Practitioners Pty Ltd ABN 88 146 583 495 is proud to introduce to you Enam (Ian) Choudhury as our Head of Financial Advice and Managing Director. He is also a Registered Financial Adviser with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and a Registered Tax (financial) Adviser with the Tax Practitioners Board.

Ian is the founder of Australian Financial Practitioners and has held numerous management roles in British, American and Australian financial institutions.

Whilst his career spans some 25 years, he has specialised in strategic financial planning and business advice for individuals, couples, professionals and business owners.

Ian’s qualifications are as follows:

  • Degree of Master of Commerce (Financial Planning) from the Western Sydney University
  • Graduate Program in Banking & Risk Management from the University of Pennsylvania and the National University of Singapore
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Studies from the University of New England
  • Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) from the University of Canberra
  • Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia

Ian has the knowledge and experience to assist you in planning for your financial security and independence. Moreover, he will ensure that his team and associates (accountants and lawyers) also have the appropriate knowledge and experience to serve you at the highest standards of professionalism.

Recently Ian made a lifestyle change in moving to acreage just outside Sydney NSW with his wife, two dogs (who think they are the boss) and three horses (who think they own the place). His favourite hobby is motorcycling with his friends from the Ulysses Club and outdoor photography. On a more serious note, he enjoys helping raise funds for those in a less fortunate financial position and being a voluntary member of local charities.


Unique Experience in Financial Planning

A salient aim of Australian Financial Practitioners is to provide our client’s with a unique experience by differentiating ourselves from the standard ‘run of the mill’ financial planning practice. Whilst we have already mooted some of our salient features, the table below summarizes them for your perusal.

 No CommissionsBecause we are not remunerated based on the products that a client invests into, our clients can be assured that the reasons why we are recommending certain strategies are the right ones for them and not so that we can earn an income.
 Conflict FreeBeing not affiliated with any bank, other financial institution, insurance company or brokerage house (i.e. providers) ensures we are not limited to recommending the products or services of a particular provider. In this way we are ensuring our client’s interest come first.
 Low Fixed PriceOur fees are based upon the time involved, the necessary expertise required and the complexity of the assignment. Therefore, there is no connection with the current or future size of the client’s portfolio.
 Unlimited accessClients who entrust their assets to us as part of our Portfolio Management service have unrestricted access to their financial practitioner at no additional costs. This also means that when there is a significant change to their circumstances which may impact on the current portfolio, we will undertake a new financial plan.
 Restricted client numbersTo ensure every client is provided with the very best service, we have a self-imposed restriction of a maximum ninety-five clients per financial practitioner.
 Loyalty ProgrammeOur philosophy is that in helping people, they will help us to remain in practice. We want to directly reward our clients for their continued support.
 Money SafeguardsWith the advent of financial collapses in recent years, it is of paramount importance that stringent safeguards are in place to help protect our client’s assets from misappropriation.
 University EducatedIt has been possible to become a financial planner with only a few hours of internet based training. Every practitioner with us must hold a relevant Australian university degree or graduate diploma.
 Nation-wideOur Skype video conference service enables clients who are interstate or overseas, or simply don’t have the time or inclination to attend our offices, to be able to speak and interact with us from the comfort of their own home or workplace.
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