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Wealth Coaching

Wealth Coaching

A stand-alone service  in which we provide five ‘private’ sessions with a wealth coach to help clients to better understand their spending habits and to learn household budgeting techniques to improve their cash resources. Whilst these sessions are usually held over a five month period, we provide clients with a further unlimited six month telephone access to their wealth coach.

The programme concludes with the client designing their own preliminary financial plan.


  • Budget planning
  • Debt Management
  • Risk Management
  • Creating Wealth (savings plan)
  • Wealth Strategy (investment plan)
  • Personal Financial Plan (excl. product analysis)
  • Mentoring program

Additional Services (at extra costs):

  • Asset Selection (product recommendation)
  • Portfolio Establishment (implementation)
  • Portfolio Management

At the commencement of the Wealth Coaching service you will receive a Welcome Kit which may include:

  • compendium;
  • wealth book;
  • budgeting workbook;
  • budgeting software;
  • Skype software instructions; and
  • If required, a digital webcam.

To make the availability of this service as convenient as possible, we conduct our ‘private’ sessions via the Skype Video conferencing facility. Arrangements can be made for those clients without access to a computer and the internet.

Fees for Wealth Coaching total $1,650 and usually paid by an up-front fee of $650, followed by five equal monthly installments of $200.

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