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Core-Satellite Portfolio Design

A salient component of our offer is to focus on a Core-Satellite approach to clients with a ‘growth asset’ portfolio. The portfolio can be either superannuation or non-superannuation.

Essentially, the ‘core’ or foundation of the portfolio is the investment characteristics aligned with indices, such as index funds or exchange traded funds. That is very low costs, minimum manager risk and well diversified investments – devoid of concentrated positions.

When the portfolio grows or additional funds are invested, the focus is on allocating those funds to deliver enhanced risk and return benefits.  This is known as a ‘satellite’ approach. The satellites are chosen to tilt the portfolio towards a particular sector or style – taking concentrated positions with the objective of achieving higher performance. The compositions of satellites are usually achieved with active managed funds and listed investments, particularly direct shares and hybrid securities.

Two scenarios where this works well:

Retirement planning:
Ideal for clients with less than 10 years to retirement.  These clients wish to maximize growth without risking their total portfolio. Equally, the Core-Satellite portfolio design is appropriate for those in retirement wishing to reduce longevity risk, which is out living their retirement savings.

Capital guaranteed:
Clients who are averse to risking their capital but are also aware of the eroding impact inflation has on their savings. In this situation the Core-Satellite portfolio is designed with the initial capital being guaranteed by an Australian bank and earnings reinvested to attract capital growth over time.

All of this is usually obtained within our ‘fixed fee/ unlimited access to your financial practitioner’ offer.

Self-Managed Superannuation & Limited-Recourse Borrowing

Self-management superannuation funds (SMSF), also known as do-it-yourself superannuation (DIY) are funds with fewer than 5 members.  They are ideal for clients with over $300,000 in assets and wishing to control their own financial destiny and superannuation.

Whilst it is relatively easy to establish a self-managed super fund and many accountants do just that for their clients, the more difficult aspect is managing the fund to derive the maximum benefit for its members and being in compliance with the regulators. Getting these wrong can have damaging consequences for the investments and possibly expose members to serious legal penalties.

We offer advice on the appropriateness of a self-managed super fund, trust structure, beneficiary arrangements, investment strategy and portfolio management. All of this is usually obtained within our ‘fixed fee/ unlimited access to your financial practitioner’ offer.

Another benefit is that through our network we can introduce other professionals who will help clients with establishing the superannuation fund, administrative & accounting services, compliance & reporting and auditing.

A special attraction of SMSF is to those interested in holding:

  • Residential, rural or commercial property
  • Direct listed investments such as shares, options, warrants and hybrids
  • Exotic investments such as artwork and collectables

A salient feature of Self-managed super funds is the ability to borrow through non-recourse loans (previously known as instalment warrant).  This allows clients to marry their super funds with borrowings to acquire a more substantial asset. We can facilitate and manage every aspect of such borrowing structures, usually via Australian banks.

A question often asked is whether advising medical + legal practitioners is any different to other professionals. Our experience shows that it is very different. Whereas many other professionals are usually well established in their early thirties with assets and a client base, medical + legal practitioners are just starting out.  By mid forties the medical + legal practitioners is often earning a high income but carrying a large amount of debt. In their late fifties and beyond, the medical + legal practitioners encounters new challenges such as what do to with the excessive cash resources and how to minimize income taxation.

Whilst all professionals are time poor, it is usually worse for medical + legal practitioners in that they need to make up for the lost decade in wealth accumulation (i.e. twenties to mid thirties). However, it is not all bad news. Medical + legal practitioners have a huge advantage and that is income longevity and security; i.e. lifetime employment. This calls for specialised financial planning over an extended time horizon.

What makes us unique is that we offer a specialized one-stop shop for anything financial for medical + legal practitioners. Our comprehensive integrated solution ranges from funding specialists training, practice acquisition/ establishment, equipment leasing, sourcing working capital, car financing, residential/ commercial property mortgages, business mentoring, cashflow management, debt structuring and malpractice asset protection. In addition we offer innovative strategies for wealth accumulation within superannuation and direct investments plus inter-generational planning. All of this is usually obtained within our ‘fixed fee/ unlimited access to your financial practitioner’ offer.

Another benefit is that through our network we can introduce other professionals who will help you with tax planning, accountancy and legal services.

There are some substantial benefits for recipients of structured settlements under Superannuation and Income Tax regulations.  These benefits may facilitate a situation where the payout can be invested in such a way that the investor will never need to pay income tax on earnings or capital gains for the rest of their life. It is also possible to maintain immediate access to those funds and the investment may carry a capital guarantee from an Australian bank.

Whilst there are several hurdles to overcome to achieve a life long tax free benefit, the initial step is to confirm an inability to be “gainfully employed’. This and the other conditions require specialised financial planning.

What makes us unique is that we offer a specialised one-stop shop for anything financial for the recipient of personal injury payouts. Starting with an initial consultation to assess whether there is a chance to qualify. If there is a chance, we work with your medical practitioners and possibly your lawyer to do everything possible to achieve a favourable outcome from the authorities. We then devise an appropriate financial strategy to achieve your goals, arrange documentation, etc. All of this is usually obtained within our ‘fixed fee/ unlimited access to your financial practitioner’ offer.

Religious & Ethical Investing

Our offer is to align clients’ investments with their personal values by avoiding portfolios that do not meet certain standards. This type of investing was first formally practiced by faith-based investors.

For instance, some faith-based investors are uncomfortable to derive benefits from interest paid on loans, the sale of pork, firearms, and other ‘sin’ investments such as gambling or alcohol. Institutions that engage in short selling and the use of leverage are sometimes frowned upon by some religious orders.

Religion compliant investments are achievable via special structured accounts; both within and outside superannuation. The intention is to have three levels of religious screens; the first to meet our Licensee requirements, then line of business and financial position. The latter screens are specially structured to meet the specific requirements of different religious orders.

In addition we offer specialized financial planning in what is referred to as ‘socially responsible investing’ (SRI). Essentially, we undertake avoidance screening in structuring portfolios to meet our Licensee requirements and to include the following four aspects:

Research & Screening – Examining the social and environmental records of companies to determine which companies to include or exclude in an investment portfolio.

Community Investing – Providing access to capital for individuals and organisations in communities under-served by traditional financial institutions so they can create jobs, build homes, and finance community facilities.

Shareholder Advocacy – Using your position as an owner in a company to actively encourage a company to improve.

Social Venture Capital – Seeking out early-stage investments in companies that have identified profitable ways to meet societies needs (such as alternative energy companies), before they are publicly traded.

All of this is usually obtained within our ‘fixed fee/ unlimited access to your financial practitioner’ offer.

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