No commissions, No kick-backs, No brokerage, just good advice for a simple flat fee

Financial Advice

We provide ’conflict free’ advice in the following five key areas:

 Wealth creation cash & debt management, salary packaging, superannuation & investment strategies
 Wealth preservation buy sell agreement, risk & asset protection
 Wealth distribution retirement planning/ pensions, Centrelink, redundancy/ retrenchment & tax effective strategies
 Wealth succession Inter-generational, estate planning and business succession planning
 Wealth cashflow cashflow budgeting & savings plan


At Australian Financial Practitioners our Financial Advice is tailored into two distinct groups:

Personal or lifestyle financial planning

Catering towards the personal needs of the client.

Business or strategic financial planning

Emphasis on the needs of small business owners and self-employed professionals.

Whilst our practice has one master only and that is the client, we usually refrain from providing Financial Advice pertaining to margin lending, discretionary share trading, private syndications and tax minimisation schemes. We consider these strategies carry high risks which are very difficult to quantify or mitigate via sound financial management.

Fees for Financial Advice range from $1,500 to $6,000 (+ gst) and include a Scenario Analysis. The advice is provided in a comprehensive written report (known as a Statement of Advice) encompassing; risk-reward analysis, strategies and options, cost-benefit analysis, product/ service investigation and a detailed financial roadmap to achieving your financial goals. In addition, the fee covers the full implementation of the advice.

Any commissions received by Australian Financial Practitioners (less Licensee charges, if applicable) will be fully refunded to the client or used to offset their Financial Advice fee.

As Australian Financial Practitioners are not aligned with any bank, insurer, fund manager or broker, we can provide product/ service analysis on:

account based pensions (ABP), age care bonds, annuities, APRA small funds, bank accounts, capital guaranteed funds, Centrelink age pension/ benefits,, charitable endowment funds, corporate bonds, debt restructuring, education bonds, exchange traded funds (ETF), equities (ASX), fixed interest issues, funeral bonds, government bonds, hybrid securities, industry superannuation funds, installment warrants, investment managed funds, listed investment companies (LIC), listed property trusts (LPT), options, private ancillary fund, real estate investment trusts (REIT), self funding instalments (SFI), self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF), separate/ individual managed accounts (SMA/ IMA), structured share portfolios, term allocated pensions (TAP), term deposits (TD), risk protection cover, warrants, wholesale superannuation funds, wrap accounts, etc.

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