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Consultations via Skype for Financial Advice

At Australian Financial Practitioners we understand that not everyone is able to attend our Sydney CBD office for consultations or wishes us to come to their home or business so we are pleased to be able to offer a Skype Video conferencing service.  This service enables clients who are interstate or overseas, or simply don’t have the time or inclination to attend our offices to be able to speak and interact with our financial practitioners and other team members from the comfort of their own home or workplace.

What is required for a Skype Video conference?

A computer with internet access, Skype software and a webcam.  Incidentally, we provide assistance in setting up the Skype facility and if required, provide a webcam as part of our Private Client Service.

How can I receive personalised advice if I don’t get to meet my financial practitioner?

Our preference is for clients to meet their financial practitioner. Firstly our practitioner will telephone the client to make preliminary enquiries. Then we send them all the information they require prior to booking the first consultation. This would also include our Financial Services Guide and Privacy Policy.
We also send the client an electronic copy of our Client Profile document which is a  questionnaire about their personal and financial situation.  We ask for the document to be  returned plus copies of other documents which we may request such as their recent superannuation statement, income tax return, etc. The financial practitioner will then review the client’s personal situation and prepare a personalised agenda prior to contacting to schedule the first consultation.

How much does a Skype Video conference meeting cost?

Australian Financial Practitioners is a fee based practice which means that our clients pay us a pre-quoted fixed fee for the time and expertise of our financial practitioners.  Our Skype Video meeting service does not incur any additional cost to clients.

Usually after the initial consultation we will be able to identify the obstacles to the client  achieving their financial goals and scope the work required in devising a strategy or strategies. At this time we will present to the client our fixed price offer and seek appointment as their financial practitioner.

How do I book a Skype Video conference meeting?

To book your Skype Video consultation, simply send us an email request or telephone our office. One of our practitioners will be in contact with you to arrange a suitable time which can be during the business week, early evenings or on the weekend.

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