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Business Advice

We provide independent advice to business owners and investors who wish to remove obstacles to achieving their financial goals. The obstacles could range from saving the business from creditors to working out the best strategy to enhance its value, and everything in-between.

What makes us different?

Firstly, we do not assist people who wish, for the first time, to start-up or purchase a business. As Financial Practitioners, our focus is on experienced business owners/ investors with a small to medium enterprise (SME); i.e. a business with a turnover of less than $5 million and employs less than 100 people.

Secondly, we provide independent advice in that we are not owned or aligned with business brokers or lawyers. This means that when we make a suggestion it isn’t on the basis of earning extra fees.

What Australian Financial Practitioners do, however, is help you make decisions in removing obstacles to achieving your goals, meeting with you regularly to ensure you are on the right path to achieve your goals and help address any new obstacles in your pathway. Australian Financial Practitioners are essentially looking after you from a ‘future’ perspective.

Another important distinction in using Australian Financial Practitioners is that the practice can help people with both business issues and their personal financial wellbeing, if desired. This point is very important as personal and business wealth is often blended together requiring careful management so that one does not adversely affect the other over the long term.

To ensure you receive the highest standard of professionalism, Business Advice is managed by our Head of Tax & Head of Financial Advice.

Our business process

To get started we take a rather unique process, we embark on a SWOT analysis of your business as follows:

StrengthCharacteristics of the business that may give it an advantage over others; e.g. a unique product or service.
WeaknessCharacteristics that may place the business at a disadvantage over others; e.g. the cost of delivering the product or service.
OpportunityIdentifiable chances the business could take to improve performance (costs or profits); e.g. introducing new unique products or service.
ThreatElements outside the control of the business which could cause trouble; e.g. the unique product or service becomes restricted by regulators.  


The SWOT analysis usually highlights the salient areas needing attention in order to address the obstacle or obstacles to achieving your goals. Whilst the SWOT analysis may be broad in outlook, the outcome usually allows the design of a specific roadmap which encompasses one or more of our specialisations to meet your needs.

In short, Australian Financial Practitioners first focus on what contributed to the problem or in other words, how did the obstacle get there? Then we help devise a solution to remove or at least address the obstacle so that you can achieve your goals. We are taking a ‘future’ perspective in that just providing a solution is a short term answer, addressing the problem is likely to foster a long term answer for you.

Our services

The salient areas of specialisation are as follows:financial services

Credit Planning


•  Minimising financial costs
•  Expanding credit capacities 1
•  Managing difficult creditors
•  Managing the banking relationship 1
Estate Planning•  Lowering costs for beneficiaries
•  Asset protection for beneficiaries
•  Wealth distribution strategies 2
•  Business continuation strategies
Financial Planning•  Asset/ wealth protection 2
•  Financial risk protection 2
•  Maximising retirement income 2
•  Maximising CGT concessions 2
Succession Planning•  Maximising business value
•  Exit strategies
•  Buy/ sell arrangements 2
•  Managing family/ employee expectations
Growth Planning



•  Expansion of current operations
•  Improving delivery & service offer
•  Enhancing EBIT
•  Target marketing programme

1. Services may be provided with an Australian Credit Licensee. 2. Services may be provided with an Australian Financial Services Licensee.

The specialisations are reflective of our 20 years’ experience working with business owners and investors in enterprises ranging from exporting/ importing, accommodation, engineering, manufacturing, distribution networks, services, food, transport & storage, retail trade, hospitality, wholesale trade to offshore operations. You would be surprised at the number of times a solution for one industry can be transferred to another with equal success.

In actual fact we have experience working with business owners and investors in many countries which may give us the added ability to bring home ‘solutions’ not readily found in Australia.

Fees and Costs

Engagement Fee:

The Engagement Fee usually covers an S.W.O.T. analysis and may encompass some areas of specialisation as requested by the client. A key aspect of this service is flexibility in order to meet the needs of the client.

An upfront fee of $900 (+GST) and thereafter from $300 (+GST) per month/ per session. Minimum commitment is 3 sessions and thereafter the service can be extended on a month to month basis or terminated at the sole discretion of the client.

Project Management Fee (optional):

The Project Management Fee may be applicable should the client require specific ‘hands on’ assistance in managing a major project. The negotiated fixed price fee is based upon the type and complexity of the project and is in addition to the Engagement Fee.

Statement of Advice Fee (optional): 

The Statement of Advice Fee is payable* should the client request specific financial planning advice pertaining to their personal needs. The fee is in addition to the Engagement Fee. The fixed price fee ranges from $1,500 to $6,000 (+GST) and is based upon the time involved, the necessary expertise required and the complexity of the assignment.

Payable to the Australian Financial Services Licensee.

Business Advice is a separate service to that of personal financial planning. Please note that unless stated in writing, Business Advice is provided solely by Australian Financial Practitioners Pty Ltd and not as a Corporate Authorised Representative of Lifespan Financial Planning Pty Ltd.

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